Nasiff Associates, Inc. Computer ECG Systems

The Nasiff CardioCard ECG System is available as
Resting ECG
Stress ECG
Holter ECG
Vitals ECG with SP02 Tempurature and Blood Pressure

Cardio-Diagnositc Technologies

Better Technologies
Making sure Doctors have the right technology to find heart disease and make easier diagnoses is important and more achievable with modern technology. Nasiff Associates is a Medical Technology Company that allows for the physical and digital over-reading of Heart Signals. This technology is called ECG Technology and is responsible for finding signs of heart disease.

Diagnostic Accuracy
Even during a Heart Attack, ECG Technology is used right away to determine what part of the heart is failing. Data made by computer ECG Systems is so important to a diagnosis, it is required to make the right decision of what has to be done to save the patient.

Heart Disease Prevention
The earlier this technology is used, the earlier the first screenings, the more heart attacks will be prevented. Though Heart Attack is not the only Heart Condition, it is one of the most deadly, making it more than worth it to prevent from happening to anyone.

Cardio-Diagnostic Technologies

Resting ECG Systems
Used to screen for heart disease in at risk patients, Resting ECG Systems are capable of finding signs of heart disease and even early signals of possible future heart attacks in all patients.
Stress ECG Systems
Activated when a patient complains of weakness climbing stairs, or an athlete explaining that they are experiencing chest pain during practice, Stress ECG Systems record the hearts performance while under athletic load to expose injuries or physical or electrical flaws in the heart only visible during higher activity levels.
Holter ECG Systems
Worn by those who complain of rare chest pains, weakness, or heart rhythm abnormalities, Holter ECG Systems can be worn for days to continuously record the heart. These Systems include a button that can be pressed by the patient to record specific cardiac events.
Vitals ECG Systems
Present in almost every Emergency Room and Doctors Office, Vitals ECG Systems continuously and automatically record a patients heart rhythm, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and body temperature. This version of the vitals systems is much quicker and easier to use than most other ambulatory systems, and allows vitals signs recording to be done continuously in many scenarios.
Who Makes These Technologies
Nasiff Associates, Inc. is the inventing company of the computer based ECG System. First Developed by Dr. Nasiff in the 1980’s, he released the first computer cardio-diagnostic system.

Dr. Nasiff’s ECG Systems are different than any other similar technologies in the way that the diagnostic system works with almost any computer tablet or smart phone, and includes an unlimited database, EMR Compatibility, in-software Holter Editing, and smart auto diagnoses. These features are usually expensive extras offered by other makers of similar technologies that are not made in America. NASIFF.COM


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